Outdoor Rock Climbing Trip

We organize trips for beginners, amateurs, and professionals to get a thrilling experience of climbing on a real rock out there in nature. You will learn easy, medium, and hard climbs.

Global Climbing Day

In Partnership with the North Face, Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center has hosted Global Climbing Day for the past five years. Global Climbing Day is a celebration of the climbing community and the opportunities we find in every obstacle. Walls are meant for climbing. Join us on 8.20.22, and we’ll climb them together.

Climbing Competitions

At different intervals in a year, we organize climbing events so that the enthusiasts can taste the excitement of competition. We also encourage anyone who is willing to facilitate any climbing contests.

Ladies Mountain League

KSCC in collaboration with Ladies Mountain League(LML) organizes LML climbing session every Tuesday, 5 PM to 7PM with entry fee of Rs. 100 only which includes climbing gears and assistance of highly experienced instructor. This session aims to reach out group of female participants with a hope to empower Nepalese women to become leaders and instructors

Movie Nights

KSCC features Movie Night every month from popular mountaineering/climbing documentaries, live competitions, climbing movies and many more. We want to gather climbers and visitors for special entertainment nights on a big screen!

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