Top-Rope Climbing

Top-rope climbing is basic form of climbing specially for beginners where a climber is attached on rope and belayer controls the rope through an anchor system. Top-rope section in our climbing gym is a vertical wall with the height of 45 ft. and can be climbed by first timers to experts, including kids as well as elders.

This wall has 8 climbing routes, caters to 4 ropes (4 people can climb at the same time) and offers one to one lesson with a qualified instructor/climbing belayer. There is a provision for basic climbing lessons.


Bouldering is a form of rock climbing performed on small rock or artificial wall, without the use of rope or harness but use of crash mat on the ground helps to prevent injury while bouldering.

Our bouldering wall is 16 ft. in height with an overhang of 45 degrees along with vertical and slab sections. This wall has 25 climbing routes including variation of routes for all levels from beginners to experts. Each section is changed once every week

Lead Climbing Wall

The lead climbing wall stands at 45 ft. tall with an overhang of 30 degrees and 5 climbing routes that are changed once every week.

This wall is especially for advanced climbers and caters 3 ropes (3 people can climb) at the same time. You can rent specific climbing gears, quick draw and rope hire. There is also provision for basic climbing lessons.

  • Climbing Wall Shoes

Speed Climbing Wall

Speed climbing is a climbing discipline in which speed is the ultimate goal. Speed Climbing is done on walls, climbing competition is only recommended for highly skilled and experienced climbers.

Built in a standard measurement with an overhang of 5 degrees; there are two speed climbing routes, each side for competitions and regular speed training.

Training Equipment

All kinds of training equipment for climbing is available. Includes:
  • Peg board for intermediate and advanced experts
  • Campus board/ finger strength training board
  • TRX (Total Resistance exercises)/Suspension training equipment
  • Pull up bar
  • Hang board
  • Handstand bar
  • Resistant bands
  • Yoga mats


Slackline is installed so you can practice slacklining or simply just to control your balance. This feature is free of cost for anyone.
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