Rock Climbing Packages in Nepal

Rock Climbing in Nepal Rock climbing in Nepal is an adventure seeker's dream. The majestic Himalayan mountains provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for climbers of all levels. Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center is the perfect starting point for those looking to experience the thrill of rock climbing in Nepal. We offer a wide range of services...

Boulder Competition VOL.1

We're organizing Boulder Competition Volume: I A friendly competition inviting all level of climbers, climb some fun,challenging routes and win prizes! Supported by BEAL. Entry Fee: Rs. 200 (Visit at Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center for Registration). Deadline for entry: 4th Jan, 10:30 AM. COMPETITION INCLUDES: 10 BOULDER PROBLEMS on sight for Qualification from 11...

Walls Are Meant For Climbing

A very short notice but as we are approved by The North Face USA, we will be celebrating Global Climbing Day. On this day, we will provide free climbing for 100 people! Join us in Walls Are Meant For Climbing initiative at Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center on 24th August and get a free climbing...

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